Ready for the Day

Oh God,
i am up and ready.
My coffee is in hand.
My busy schedule is before me.
There is much to be accomplished.
So there is part of me that selfishly asks that all may go well for me and my family, but,
oh God,
i ask even more than that – that i would glorify You in my busyness.
As i go on my way this day may the busyness not distract me from You.
May i not forget to glorify You through my words and deeds.
May i not forget to receive people as i would receive Jesus.
May i not become overcome by my schedule, so much so, that i forget to show the love of Christ to others, including to my own family.
May i not get caught up with thinking that this is MY schedule, but rather it is YOUR schedule.
May i go through this day with the peace of Christ in my heart.
May i go through this day in patience – looking for mission opportunities that You create for me.
Oh God, may i not let Satan make this day just about me.
This day and every day is about You, and so here i go.
I am up and ready – with coffee in hand.
To You be the glory, this day, and always.

Morning Glory

I wrote the last stanza of this poem yesterday morning as a short prayer as I prepared for worship. This morning, I share it with you – with a couple more stanzas. To God be the glory!

Hold me with Your grace.
Bring me from disgrace.
My sins please erase.
For Your glory!
For Your glory!

Hear me when I pray.
Each and every day.
With You I want to stay.
In Your glory!
In Your glory!

Jesus is my King.
What an awesome ring.
My heart will loudly sing.
Your great glory!
Your great glory!

Bless me as I preach.
Guide me as I teach.
Many souls may I reach.
To Your glory!
To Your glory!

Creation Chorus

As the morning sun rises above the horizon, shining it’s life-giving light for the world to see, may my rising this morning shine the glory of your love and grace.

As the birds sing their beautiful song, filling the air with joy and peace, may I sing Your praises of joy and peace that comes only through Jesus my Lord.

As the flowers open to receive the sun’s light, soaking up every ray, may my heart be open to receive Your Word, soaking up every promise.

As Your creation is faithful in returning praise to You, may I not cease to worship You and thus be put to shame by the rocks crying out.

And so, as this new day begins, fill me with Your Spirit that I may join the creation chorus as we joyously sing Your praise in beautiful harmony.

To You be the glory, oh God, this day and always.


Beginning the Day

Holy God,
You have redeemed me through the blood of Your Son –
my Lord Jesus Christ.
You have set me apart to be a light in this world.
You have seasoned me to be the salt of the world.
You have filled me with Your Spirit.
Oh God,
may I stand apart from this world –
shining a “strange” light within it –
one that makes people take notice as it shines the way to Life eternal.
May my dealings with the world open eyes and my love draw people to You.
May my conduct be holy and my words speak the Truth.
May I see the trials in my life as Your holy plan to bring me to maturity so that I may show the world Your glory through my faith.
Bless this day, oh God, as I engage my mission field.
May my life be all about You.
All praise be onto You, always and forever. In Jesus name I pray,

Neighborly Living

As the morning light shines on me,
may Your love warm my soul.
As the birds sing their praise,
I too worship You.
As the dew of the dawn refreshes the ground,
nourish me with Your Word.
As the sun’s rays brighten this new day,
reveal to me Your glory again and again.
Oh God, Your mercies are new every morn and Your love is ever refreshing.
Your glory is amazing and wonderful.
Your grace is abundant and true.
May this day be another chance for me to live for You and shine the light of Your love.
I know that I fell way short of Your glory yesterday.
Forgive and restore me.
Fashion and mold me.
Shape and direct me.
Renew my heart.
Wipe my slate clean.
Oh God, I long for another chance to make much of You as You have made much of me.
May Your Spirit continue to dwell in me and Your love ooze from my being as a over-soaked sponge. May I not seek ones worthy of my love, but as in the parable of the Good Samaritan, may I simply be a good neighbor;
Doing justice,
Loving kindness,
And walking humbly with You.
And so, I embark: equip me, empower me, embolden me.
You are worth it beyond all measure.
To You be all glory, honor, praise and worship, through Christ Jesus my Lord.

The Path

Creator God, awesome and mighty,
You burst forth in the morning,
holding nothing back.
You make a grand entrance,
announcing Your presence.
Oh Lord, there You are.
But how, oh Lord, can anyone possibly say this isn’t from You? How could they even think such things?
I am perplexed by that thought.
For there is nothing random here. Only Your masterful hand lovely painting every stroke of color; each one planned and purposefully presented that all glory may be Yours.
Every hue.
Every ray of light.
Every beautiful detail.
Everything! – emanates from You.
Oh Lord my God, You blessed me this morning with this beautiful tapestry; for to see it was a pathway to Your glory – knowing that something even greater than this awaits me because of Jesus.
Oh God, I am in awe.
Thank You for this morning artwork, but even more than that, thank You for this path to remember Your grace through Jesus Christ. I can hardly wait to see what awaits me.
To You be all glory, honor, praise and worship, through Christ Jesus my Lord.

In the Morning

In the morning You treat me to You glory.
In the morning You shine Your love on me.
In the morning Your mercies blaze anew.
In the morning Your radiance lights up my life.
May the light of Your love fill me and direct me; leading me in the ways of righteousness that brings You glory.
May I see people with Your eyes and treat them thus; as beloved children in Your care.
May I show grace and mercy; for the grace and mercy You have shown me is beyond comprehension.
May I shine bright this day; leading people to see Your radiance.
Oh God, this day You created for me is for You and thus I worship You.
You are awesome!
To You be all glory.
In Jesus name I pray,

Bright and Beautiful

Oh God, bright and beautiful,
Whose love is warmer than the noontide sun,
You are glorious and gracious,
And I am truly blessed.
As the sun shines on me this day,
May Your grace warm my soul.
As the breeze cools my face,
May Your Spirit comfort me.
Oh God, bright and beautiful,
Whose power created this new day,
Create in me a clean heart,
That Your glory may shine through me.
Your mercy is new every morning,
Your wonder springs afresh,
You are the master artisan,
And I never ceased to be amazed.
Oh God, bright and beautiful,
My Father and my Lord.
Thank You for this new day,
And guide me in Your Way.
In Jesus name I pray,

Help Me, Oh Lord My God!

Help me, Oh Lord my God!
Save me according to your steadfast love.
” (Psalm 109:26)
Help me Oh Lord my God!
Guide me with Your Holy Spirit.
Help me, Oh Lord my God!
Teach me to know Your ways.
Help me, Oh Lord my God!
Show me the path to follow.
Help me, Oh Lord my God!
I want to glorify You with my life.
As the psalmist cried out to You for help;
knowing his shortcomings;
knowing his failings;
knowing his sin;
I cry out to You.
I cry out to You for help that I may not be crushed by my sin.
Save me according to Your steadfast love,
For my faith is in Jesus.
I am weak.
I fall short.
I often turn from You.
If salvation were up to me, I would certainly be damned.
Please do not turn from me.
Please do not give to me as I deserve.
May Your grace shower me and drench me.
May I be caught up in Your river of Life;
sweeping me away in a torrent of Love.
Help me, Oh Lord my God!
Save me according to your steadfast love.

Open My Eyes

Open my eyes, oh Lord, that I may see the beauty of Your Word.
Open my eyes, oh Lord, that I may understand.
Open my eyes, oh Lord, that Your living word may feed me.
Open my eyes.

This is a prayer that every believer ought to pray before engaging the Word. One ought never to engage the Word in a basic, simple, intellectual matter; just seeking information. One ought to approach and engage the Word of God with
awe and
wide open eyes ready to be blown away by the beauty and majesty of God’s Word. Ready to be fed and nourished. Ready to be transformed and recreated. Ready to be renewed.

God’s Word is living and active. It is sharper than a two-edged sword. It cuts deep. It kills and it gives Life.

Open my eyes, oh Lord, that I may behold wondrous things.
Open my eyes oh Lord, that I may see Jesus.
Ooen my eyes, oh Lord, I want to see wondrous things in Your Word.
Open my eyes.