Praying the Psalms ~ Psalm 1

READ: Psalm 1

Holy God,
To walk in Your ways is to be sustained by an ever-flowing stream;
A tree that grows and blossoms and produces fruit with no end;
One, upon whom people look, and see Your glory.
To walk in Your ways is to
Wither no more.
Pant for water no more.
Die no more.
For You are the River of Life.
And so I fall to my knees to ask, plead and beg:
May I not be lured by the counsel of the wicked.
May I not take my stance with those who oppose You.
May I not find security with those who would spit and despise You or Your Church.
May I find my joy in Your Word; meditating on it and learning it.
May I be watered by You.
May I blossom and produce fruit for You.
May I live in and with You.
Oh Lord, my God, through Jesus Christ may I be blessed.