Following or Leading?

I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” [Psalms 16:8]

Are you following the Lord Jesus or are you trying to lead him? Sounds like a silly question, but don’t laugh to much (or loud). For you see, many try to lead Jesus. They want him to conform to their way of living. Is that you, oh sinner? Do you want Jesus to conform to your way of living? Oh sinner, this is not the way. This way of living will never work for in this way you WILL be shaken.

Set the Lord ALWAYS before you…

…but don’t just fall in behind Jesus out of coercion or duty or fear or to try to get what you want out of him. No, don’t do that. Confess your sins. Receive his forgiveness. And SET Jesus always before you for he IS the Lord; he IS the Savior; he HAS overcome the world…FOR YOU. Fix your eyes on him. Gaze at his beauty. Obey his every command. Walk in his every step. Receive from him and worship him. For when you set the Lord ALWAYS before you, you shall NEVER be shaken.

The way that the Lord traverses many not be the way you would go, but it’s the best way. It may not be the easy way, but it is the glorious way. It many be the scariest way, but remember, oh sinner, you will never be shaken. Don’t try to lead Jesus. Don’t try to set the agenda. Don’t tell Jesus how you should live. Receive from him and follow. Set him ALWAYS before you. That is, if you don’t want to be shaken.

The Pastor -|—