One of those days

Yesterday I had one of those days. For some reason my mind was not focused; running in different directions. I felt like a little kid with an attention span of a…

[look, squirrel]

…you get my point right?

I did feel focused during the sermon [praise be to God] but everything else was just plain flat.

[look, another squirrel]

Yup, that was pretty much it.

When we, mercifully, got to the benediction my mind wandered again. I walked out from behind the altar, raised my hands to give the benediction I have been giving for over 14 years. I opened my mouth…and nothing. I proceeded to fumble for words for a moment and eventually spit out something that resembled a benediction; trying my best to make it sound that I changed it up on purpose. I think I failed on that as well. Thankfully, no one said anything, but now, if they are reading this, my secret is out.

This morning did not go much better. I dropped my kids off at their “Animal Camp” hosted by their preschool. On my way to work I was talking to my wife, saying “Miss Kristen and the lady who drives the big truck, are leading this week“. My wife laughed at me because I could not remember the name of the other teacher.

[Brenda is her name. I eventually did remember that.]

The only saving grace this morning is that my 9:30 appointment with some perspective new members called to reschedule due to illness. I hate to say this but that is probably a good thing. I probably would have sent them running to another church.

God, I need a brain reboot this morning.


Yup, definitely a reboot.

The Pastor -|—

4 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Oh no, you’re human!!!!! Believe it or not, I DID notice that you were different yesterday. Before the service you stood at the back and looked as if you were a little sad or preoccupied. Then when you began the benediction you stumbled a little but caught yourself. I smiled…he’s human! Even after the service you appeared a little lost. I thought maybe it was because Connie and the kiddos weren’t there. But you’re human!

    Take a deep breath today….relax….and know that God is hanging on to you!

    By the way, the sermon was GREAT!



  2. Nancy is right, your sermon was terrific. However, the problem seems to be continuing. Number 9 of your second email says we should “Remember to keep out Julian Estates worship leaders . . . .” I am glad you did not do that yesterday;)

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