Sunday’s sermon text is Matthew 20:1-16; the Laborers in the Vineyard. The following is the prayer of the day I wrote based on our hymn of the day, Amazing Grace. For it is only through God’s amazing grace that we are saved through Jesus Christ; no matter the work or amount of work. Let us pray…

Oh God,
your grace is amazing;
such a sweet sound to our ears;
for through Jesus Christ you have saved us;
a wretched people.
Once we were lost but now we are found.
Once we were blind but now we see.
And now,
oh God,
may we see You as our shield and portion
for as long as our lives endure.
In Jesus name we pray,

The Pastor -|—

3 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Yea, and Amen.  On Sunday I will pray for slow speech so those of us hard of hearing can not only hear, but understand.

    Praying for you and the anointing of the Holy Spirit as you preach.  God bless and keep you

    Josephine Fletcher

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