Never Ending

Holy Father, loving God,
in this life we live in the reality
that all good things come to an end,
but You,
the Supreme Good,
ever ends.
It’s that reality we cling to
and the reason we gather to worship You.
You formed creation out of nothing with a simple Word.
You sustain creation with Your mighty hand.
You redeem creation with Your love and grace.
Oh God, in the same way
create faith here this morning with Your Holy Word.
Sustain faith through Your Holy Spirit.
Renew faith through Your love and grace.
May all who hear Your Word this morning look to You.
Strengthen us and embolden our words and deeds
that You may be glorified.
All praise, glory, honor and worship be unto You,
holy God,
through Christ Jesus our Lord,

The Pastor -|—

3 thoughts on “Never Ending

  1. Hi Eric, I have been so blessed to read your blog — especially every Sunday’s prayers, as I prepare to preach myself. So now you are coming to my world — I’m a pastor in Western Washington, though quite ways north of Tacoma. I suspect you will love it here, as I do. I’m sure God will bless your ministry in this needy corner of the country. Perhaps I will meet you sometime. Meanwhile, God bless you in this transition. — Bert Hitchcock

  2. Eric, I’m a PCA pastor and friends with Bert Hitchcock — I live about two minutes from where Living Word Lutheran meets. When you get settled in, would love to connect with you or see if there is any way I can be helpful to you. Our church’s web site =

    — David Scott

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