Remember ~ A Prayer

Gracious and loving God,
the thief on the cross spoke to Jesus saying,
“Remember me when you come into your kingdom”
and thus Jesus responded,
“You will be with me in paradise”.
Oh God,
may we, too, remember Jesus
and not deny him through worldly pursuits.
May we turn to our true Lord and Savior
and not to temporal gods.
May we acknowledge the Way, the Truth and the Life,
as our only hope of everlasting communion with You.
Peter denied Jesus and that is heartbreaking
but also convicting;
knowing we do the same,
but Jesus shows incredible love and grace.
May that love and grace be even more convicting;
causing us to run into Your holy arms.
May our lives ever acknowledge You.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I pray,

The Pastor -|—