To Be Able ~ A Prayer

Based on King Solomon’s prayer in 1 Kings 3…

Give Your servant
an understanding mind
to lead Your people,
to serve Your people,
to serve with Your people,
for who is able to govern people?

Give Your servant
a gentle spirit
to love Your people,
to walk with Your people,
to cry with Your people,
for who is able to minister to Your people?

Give Your servant,
a patient heart
to listen for Your voice,
to wait on You,
to see Your ways,
for who is able to endure in this world?

Help Your servant, Oh Lord,
by giving me
an understanding mind,
a gentle spirit,
and a patient heart.
Help Your servant, Oh Lord,
that I may be able;

that I may glorify You.


The Pastor -|—

4 thoughts on “To Be Able ~ A Prayer

  1. Parker J

    We all need this. I think we’re so quick to ask the Lord for stuff we tend to forget we need His guidance first and foremost. Thank you for sharing.

  2. DGHDelgado

    Crying with people. Huge. Personally believe pastors should not have known cellphones. Then the people know the pastor is fully present with them.

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