Worship ~ A Prayer

Father God,
worship is at the heart of our being;
for to know You
is to burst forth into joyous praise.
To know You is to sing of Your glory.
To know You is to shout of Your faithfulness.
To know You is to fall at Your feet in humble submission.

our hearts seek other gods and give them our devotion.
We seek other gods and give them our praise.
We forgo worshipping You to please ourselves and to please other’s expectations.

But You are worthy of so much more.
Forgive us, oh God.

Convict hearts that they may turn to You.
Show people Your faithfulness.
Draw us to You, oh God.

May the gods of this world be deposed from our hearts and may You reign supreme in our hearts.

All glory, praise and worship be to You, oh God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Pastor -|—