Pierce Our Souls ~ A Prayer before Preaching

A prayer in preparation for preaching but it also can be used in preparation to listen/read God’s Word. Let’s pray…

Awesome and most holy God,
words just don’t seem to be appropriate to describe your glory;
for to try to do so would be to cheapen it
and to make it something less than what it really is.

And so I speak to you from my heart this morning.
God, I love you.
I love Jesus.
I love the fact that through faith in Jesus You give salvation;
but not only do I love that
I am also eternally grateful.

But I hate the fact that I am a sinner.
I hate the fact that I stray from You,
and therefore I love the fact that
You gave us Your most holy Word

as a guide,
as THE source of life,
as a teacher,
as one that rebukes and corrects
and lifts up; training in righteousness.

And so I ask you, from the heart,
to speak to us here this morning.
Make us more holy; more like Your son, Jesus.
Convict us in areas of our lives that need changing.
Strengthen us in areas of our lives where we are faltering.
Encourage us in areas where we are needed to be strong for You.
Bring people to You who do not believe; saving them from eternal condemnation. And speak to Your children; sending them out to live as disciples.
May Your most holy Word be a sharp two-edged sword to pierce our very souls. It’s in Jesus holy name that I pray, Amen.

May God’s Word pierce your souls this morning; convicting you and raising you up. All praise be to God.

The Pastor -|—