Morning Praise

Holy God, faithful Father,

You blessed me with peaceful sleep last night and now I ask for a peaceful day.

May I bask in the glow of Your mercy and love, and may I radiate that glow to those around me unto Your glory. May the hope of the resurrection beat away all temptations; making me so bold to tell Satan to go back to hell when he dares to challenge this child of Yours; but may I not take pleasure or satisfaction in any victories but rather rejoice and worship You for the victory given me through faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Creator God,

I take great pleasure in knowing not a breath proceeds from my lungs outside Your divine providence.
I take great pleasure in knowing that You have my life secure in Your mighty hand.
I take great pleasure in knowing that You have my ways ordained to bring You glory through my words and deeds.

And so I pray that
I may be ever mindful of each and every word that proceeds from my mouth ~ Do they point to you?
May I be ever mindful of my actions ~ Do they reflect Your love?
Oh God, guide me.
Oh God, help me.
Oh God, show me.

This is indeed the day that You have made, so I will rejoice and be glad in it; I will be glad I You.

thank You for this morning light.
Thank You for this morning grace.
Thank You for this morning peace.

May this not end but rather carry me to that day when I find myself on my knees before You; soaking in Your perfect radiance in endless worship.

All glory and praise and thanks and honor and worship be onto You, oh God, through Christ Jesus my Lord.


The Pastor -|—