Prayer Before Preaching ~ Running Wild

In preparation for preaching on Pentecost Sunday and on Mark 10:13-16.

Holy God, loving Father, mighty King, I humbly ask for Your Holy Spirit to be given as we hear Your Word proclaimed. May childlike faith bubble up from deep within; from that place it was first born; but sadly now serves as a prison. May those locks be destroyed and that childlike faith be free to run wild. May we not be ashamed to let our guard down and seek You as our “Abba, Father”. Bless now our hearing and bless later our going that our childlike faith may infect people around us. Come, Holy Spirit, and set our heart aflame. Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray, Amen.

May the Holy Spirit run wild in your life.

The Pastor -|—

One thought on “Prayer Before Preaching ~ Running Wild

  1. Beautiful prayer, Pastor. We forget that unless we become as children we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. That’s why I call Father God -Papa! Another blogger calls Him ABBA. Because we are His children!! Remain in the Truth – Reuben

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