National Day of Prayer 2015


Today is the National Day of Prayer. It is a national observance that takes place on the first Thursday of May. The Jackson Kiwanis Club alongside the Jackson Ministerial Association leads prayer time for the teachers early in the morning and then at the flag poles, just before the school day starts, at the four schools in our district. At 12 noon today there will be a prayer service on the steps of court house (weather permitting, otherwise we’ll be inside).

Today, I was leading the prayer time at Riverside Elementary which is next door to Salem Lutheran Church. There were a lot of kids and community members that showed up to pray for our government, Church, military, families, education, media and businesses. What a privilege to be able to do this.

But my cute story from this morning happened as I was welcoming the crowd at the flag pole. I was talking about what we are going to be doing and thanking everyone for showing up. As I was talking, a little boy on the other side of the circle had his hand up. He had to be in kindergarten or 1st grade or so. So I called on him, half expecting a prayer-type question, instead I got this:

[Looking up] How big is this flag pole?

Got to love kids 🙂

With a smile, I directed him to his principal, but part of me wishes I had been more on my toes with a better response. At least this little boy was looking up, and maybe I should have recognized that and encouraged him to keep looking up, to God, not just now or this one day in our year, but always. What a teachable moment. Maybe next time I’ll be ready for the random/cute question of a child.

In the mean time, look up to God and pray, not just today but always. Our nation needs our prayers.

Holy God, on this National Day of Prayer, may we be a praying people always and not just today. We want to follow You and be obedient. So send Your Spirit, oh God, that we may be a blessing to others and for Your glory. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The Pastor -|—