Bursting In


This was the scene on Sunday morning as I was about to prepare for worship. I was captivated by the sun pouring in that magnified the beautiful stained-glass windows. I imagined the light being the Holy Spirit pouring in to fill the room with his presence. When I shared this photo on the church’s Facebook page I said,

“The sun is bursting through. Will you do the same this morning? Let’s praise this awesome God together.”

Whether people actually “bursted” in or not is up to interpretation. And of course, the praising of God is something that only God and the worship attendee really knows for sure. But did the Holy Spirit burst in? That I have little doubt as God’s Word was read and proclaimed and I believe the Spirit gave life to those words. All that is left now for this pastor to do is pray that that Word does something in the hearts of those sanctuary bursters.

And this is my prayer every single Sunday and every single day. My hope is that people don’t stop worshiping when the event of worship stops but rather continue worshiping as they burst through the doors and onto the mission field that is life. The event of worship is a faithful response for the Christian but a life of worship is a living testimony of the Good News of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for sinners.

So may you burst forth praising God with your life.

Holy God, fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may burst at the seams with love and grace. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Bursting In

  1. Great imagery. God has called us to worship, constant worship, constantly bursting in. It even gets better with the Holy Spirit reminding us how we serve our loving Father. This indeed calls for shouts of praise.

    • I think we need to talk more about living a life of worship instead of only focusing on the event of worship. Too many people do not make this distinction.

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