Sometimes a pastor’s “work” takes them out of the office and to a place that looks like a place of rest. For this pastor, my “work” has taken me to my favorite coffee shop…

Drinking coffee
Reading some Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards
And yes, staring out the front window [and now typing this]

My original “work” was to get away and peacefully read but a stirring changed the course of this pastor’s “work”.

The spontaneous writing of this reflection was due to a stirring in my heart to pray. I wasn’t stirred to pray for world peace or to find a cure for cancer. No, nothing like that. I was stirred to pray for two unknown people across the way standing in an employment agency. I have no clue who they are and probably never will. I have no clue what their situation is or what brought them to that place. All I know is that a prayer was prayed for them.

And this pastor probably will never know the fruit of this “work” but that’s OK. Sometimes the Spirit stirs and we know not why. And because I can’t quantify this “work” some may think I wasted my time or the church’s time.

But this was far from a waste of time. Not for those two people.

The Spirit stirring means important “work” needs to be done. And the joy of this “work” is that it’s not my “work”.

So I wrap this up and prepare to do some “traditional work” now and I look forward to more stirrings. But please don’t think I was lazy and please don’t praise my efforts.

This wasn’t my idea. I was stirred.

All praise be to God.

The Pastor -|—