Prayer of revival

We ask Thee, O God, at this time to revive religion in our land. Oh that Thou wouldst be pleased to speak by the Holy Ghost that the gospel’s power may be known: there be many that run away from the truth; Lord, hold us fast to it, bind us to it. May there be a people found in this place, and throughout this land, that will abide by the doctrines of the gospel, come what may.
[The Pastor in Prayer by Charles Spurgeon]

Would you please pray this prayer (or some version of it) for, there be many that run away from the truth. Then as you pray this prayer, be the answer. Don’t just pray and wait for someone else to answer this (as many are so tempted to do),  but be the instrument that God uses to bring the Gospel to those who run away.

I see way too many people comfortably sitting in church pews:
waiting for the answer
waiting for God to do something
waiting for God to bring people through the doors
waiting for God to change lives.
Oh Christian, that is not the way God works. God works through you to bring revival.

And so I pray that there may be people found who will stand up and go. May there be people found who care about the lost. May there be people found who see this land running away from the truth. May there be people found who are grieved by this state of affairs. And may there be people found who are going.

Hold fast to the Gospel of truth, Oh Christian, and be a bold witness of the hope of the resurrection through Jesus Christ our Lord. And God willing, may there be a revival in this land to the glory of God.

The Pastor -|—