Forgetfulness ~ A Prayer

Father God, your Word is life and in you we have our being.

Your love is incredible.
Your grace is amazing.
You are faithful and patient and compassionate.

And there is no end to our thankfulness for who you are especially when I consider who we truly are:


But even though we lift our praises here and now, it won’t be long before we forget. It won’t be long before we turn away from you through sin. It won’t be long before we set up another god to worship. We hear the Gospel and remember, but our memories are short.

Oh God, we believe, help our unbelief.
Oh God, we remember help our forgetfulness.
Oh God, we want to be faithful, increase our faith.

We humbly come before you seeking your Spirit and longing for your Word. And I ask this, not so that we can have an experience of you but rather to know the truth of the Gospel and a peace that surpasses all understanding. For worship is not about us but rather you and you alone. To experience worship is to be a spectator and not truly worship you.


Turn our hearts towards you that we may not be so forgetful.
Turn our hearts towards you that we may serve you and others.
Turn our hearts towards you that we may glorify your holy name.

Father God, I thank you that you hear our prayers and that we have an awesome God to worship. May your name be praised, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

May God bless you on this Lord’s Day and may your worship be pleasing to God’s ears for He is worthy.

Praise be to God!!!

The Pastor -|—