Battle and Victory

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.” [Proverbs 21:31]

I love that bit of wisdom and something I need to hear.

How often have you taken credit for a “victory” in your life? Maybe it was a compliment on a job well done. Maybe you studied and studied for a big test and you scored a high grade and patted yourself on the back afterwards. Maybe you credited someone else for your success. My temptation is when someone compliments me on a good sermon and I say “thank you”

[And yes, I do get those from time to time :-)]

Whatever it is, if we are not praising God in life’s “victories” then we are stealing the limelight from God.

Victory belongs to the Lord.

There’s no way around it. Without God we would be lost. Without God we would fall flat. Without God we would fail. It doesn’t mean we don’t prepare and study and make plans. We need to do those things.  Just remember who gets the credit in the end. Remember to praise and glorify God for He is worthy.

The Pastor – |—