I’m preaching on Mark 3:20-21 & 31-35 this coming Sunday (June 8).  It’s the text where Jesus’ family comes looking for him because they think he is crazy; lost his mind; gone off the deep end.

Verses 20-21 have the family seeking Jesus in order to “seize him”. An interlude is then inserted in the story where the scribes are accusing Jesus of working for Satan (the text for June 15).  The family intervention then picks up at verse 31 where they are at the door asking for Jesus to come out.

Considering what Jesus is doing one can understand, somewhat, what the family is thinking.  Jesus is challenging the authority of the day and quickly bringing condemnation on himself and those who are following him.  If Jesus were in his right mind he would abandon what he is doing in order to preserve his life.  It doesn’t make sense to knowingly bring harm upon oneself, hence the family intervention.

And when you think about, it is kind of crazy that Jesus would do what he did for sinners like you and me.  He willing endured a horrible flogging and crucifixion.  Jesus hung on a cross; suffering for hours before finally dying.  And Jesus did that for a people who daily turn their backs on him.  But Jesus did all of this that we may know forgiveness and therefore life everlasting.


I think that is why I sometimes have a hard time believing Jesus actually did what he did for me.

But then I find myself thankful that faith is not something that can be contrived intellectually because it doesn’t make sense.  Faith in what Jesus did is something that comes from God through the Holy Spirit.  The truth of Jesus is revealed to you and me through pure grace.  And even though (and because) I am a sinner Jesus offers forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

This doesn’t make sense to the world and hence they accuse Jesus (and Christians) of being crazy.  But the crazy thing for me is not trusting Jesus because eternity is nothing to be trifled with.

So call me crazy but as for me and my household we will follow this “crazy one”; Jesus Christ.

The pastor -|—