Weakness and strength: A prayer

Lord of heaven and earth,
mighty God,
loving Father…

You are more satisfying than worldly pleasures.
You are more fulfilling than worldly pursuits.
You are more precious than worldly treasures.

But, Oh Lord, I need your help!

Satan pursues me with false promises; trying to entice me to follow his ways. He pursues me with visions of grandeur; trying to tempt me to disobey you.  Satan is relentless and persistent and determined.

But as for me, O Lord…

…I am weak.

On my own I don’t stand a chance.
On my own I will be devoured by the prowling lion.
On my own I am condemned.

May I look to you and see the Way.
May I look to you and know Truth.
May I look to you and have Life.

Eternal God, compassionate and gracious; grant me strength that I may dwell in You; that I may enjoy the victory you have won through Jesus Christ. May I have the faith to cling to that crown and not to a paper crown that Satan tries to pass off as a treasure.

Thank you God for your mercy and forgiveness.  May all come to praise and worship you as their Lord and Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord and whose name I pray.


The pastor -|—