Fear: A prayer

Loving and Holy God…

I confess to you that I am afraid.  Afraid of:
~ all I have to do this week.
~ falling short of your’s and people’s expectations.
~ forgetting something important.
~ becoming impatient.
~ losing sight of you because of the demands placed on me.

Holy, God, there is much to fear in this world but I find comfort in the fact that you don’t turn away from us because we fear, but you confront our fears with your awesome Good News.
~ Joseph was afraid to take Mary as his wife but you turned his fear into a godly fear.
~ Mary was afraid and troubled by the angel’s greeting but your turned her fear into a godly fear.
~ The shepherds were afraid at the appearing of the angel in that night sky but you turned their fear into a godly fear.

In the same way, Oh God, turn my fear into a godly fear that I my glorify your Holy name and lead others to do the same.  May my fear of you drive me to run into your loving arms and soak in your amazing love for me.  May my fear of you be the source of my proclamation of the Gospel.  And lastly, may my fear of you dispel my worldly fears that Satan uses to drive me away from you.

Loving God, you are awesome and amazing and wonderful and worthy of all praise and worship.  May your children run to you and fall into your arms.  Through Jesus Christ our risen Lord and Savior I pray…


The pastor -|—