Eerie quiet

Almost an eerie quiet around here

No hustle and bustle
No scrambling to get the next to-do item done
No printer printing lesson plans or manuscripts
No ringing phone

Just quiet
Eerie quiet

And I almost feel guilty in a way
Shouldn’t I be more busy
Shouldn’t I be “accomplishing” more
I did spend a couple hours doing visits but that was easy
I almost feel relaxed now…sitting here in the…

Eerie quiet

And now I realize that I am sitting here writing about nothing
But I have to be honest…it feels good to be writing about nothing
Nothing theologically deep…just some ramblings from a post-Easter pastor

The quiet
The eerie quiet


The eerie quiet will get old…as it always does
Soon I will need the hustle and bustle
Soon I will need to scramble over a to-do list
Soon I will need to hear the printer working overtime
Soon I will need to hear the ringing phone

But in the meantime I will enjoy…

The quiet
The eerie quiet

(from the post-Easter brain of ) The pastor -|—

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