Worship and a baby soon…Come Holy Spirit

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Let us pray…

Ever-loving and grace-filled God, You bring us from death to life through Your Son Jesus Christ.  Through the cross you have offered forgiveness.  Strengthen our faith that we may turn away from sin and strive to be perfect as You are perfect.  And…when we fall because of our inability to be perfect in this life, show us compassion through Jesus’ sacrifice and bring healing to our souls. We are deserving of death but You have shown us mercy.  We are deserving of judgment but You have shown us grace.  We are deserving of condemnation but You have shown us love. May we find strength and hope in your unexplainable and incomprehensible love for us, through Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

I have a lot going on today.  Much is on my mind and heart.  A baby girl is due to be born soon; and soon we will be traveling to meet her and hopefully bring her home as our daughter.  It’s hard to not to be completely submerged in thinking about all that needs to be done. In the mean time, though, I have two worship services to prepare for and a people to deliver God’s Word to.  What a perfect moment for Satan to use something “good” to distract me from something that is more important.

Come Holy Spirit.

May Your Word, O God, be proclaimed this morning.  May You, O God, be glorified and worshiped.  May You, O God, receive all praise.

Hopefully soon, my friends, I will have good news to share with you.  In the mean time…may God bless your day 🙂

The pastor -|—