13-year-long winding road

Thirteen years ago today; at 8:30 in the morning; a Tuesday, God used my dad to utter these words:

“Eric, it is time for you to go to seminary.”

I was totally blown away by this and didn’t know how to respond.  My dad went on to say some other words but I can’t remember those…only that call from God.  The rest of the day was a blur as I spent the morning with my two pastors trying to discern what was going on.  They were quick to affirm this call and the rest is history.

Now…13 years later…I am sitting in a church parsonage reflecting on the past 13 years.  What a winding road God has lead me down.

There were times in seminary when I doubted I could do this.  I questioned God and wondered if this really was the road I was supposed to be on.  I nearly got off the road a couple times but God used various people in my life to keep me going. And I thank God for them because as I reflect back on these 13 years it is clear to me that God was indeed leading me along a winding road to bring me here; to Jackson, MN.  I still wonder sometimes why I am here but then God does something and I smile.

Sometimes it is hard to see or imagine that God has a plan.
Sometimes it is tempting to think we know better what we are supposed to do.  Sometimes it is hard to hold the course when the road does wind and bend.

But God has been and always will be faithful.  And it is so much fun to look back and see those moments.  In those times when I thought God was crazy, confused, oblivious, God was working out something wonderful. God sees the whole and complete picture…and…God is working out something wonderful in your life as well.  Listen to God; listen carefully.  Trust Him…for God will not lead you down the wrong road.  Let God be your guide because in the end you will indeed experience something wonderful as you see God being glorified in your life.

So I sit here today; in this church parsonage; reflecting on that call 13 years ago. It’s been an interesting ride and I look forward to seeing what else God will do through me.

God is awesome!
God is faithful!

Praise be to God!

The pastor -|—

2 thoughts on “13-year-long winding road

  1. Wonderful, inspiring reflection. We don’t often enough hear about a pastor’s call motivation. My daughter, who worked at a Bible Camp, and was on college outreach programs for several years, didn’t perceive her call, but while working with A Ministry in the National Parks, her call was perceived by a pastor working with the program who came from a denomination which doesn’t ordain women. Last fall I met a new seminary graduate, a woman who was brought up in a different religion, not remotely even culturally christian, completely different ethnically. She married a Lutheran and started attending services and perceiving that God was real. Her pastor baptized her and one month later told her that she now needed to go to seminary. She fought that, but eventually went. She is the most amazing person and soaked in all the information and faith experiences of seminary like a sponge. She will make a big difference in the lives of both those “born” Lutheran and those from her own background. Praise God.

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