Nice shot…NOT

This is my crazy weird day:
~ Home desk top computer is shot.
~ Home lap top power cord is shot.
~ Church office laser printer shot.
[These first three items brought about 6 trips to my local computer store (spread throughout the day).  The children’s Christmas program is on the home computer so this was a high priority item]
~Worship prep in the midst of a number of phone calls
~ A fun visit with 2 local pastors over lunch
~ A piercing headache
~ Laser printer set-up
~ Met the locksmith about the broken lock on the narthex door


…very little sermon prep got done 😦

Now I am hungry; struggling to focus and other things are planned for tonight. That my friends is what I call Satan’s best shot at derailing this sermon.  But you know what…

…not going to happen.

This sermon will be preached because God’s Word can not be derailed by a plethora of mishaps and to-do items.  It may look like I am procrastinating but the very act of writing about this post is therapeutic.  It is getting the creative juices flowing and allowing me to let go of this crazy day.  I could easily get cranky about my routine being interrupted but I just need to take a step back…take a deep breath…and remember who’s I am.



Satan took his best shot (I’ll give him credit for that), but it was not good enough.

Maybe the sermon won’t get written today (Thursday) as usual but God is bigger and God ALWAYS wins.

The empty tomb is proof of that 🙂

So here I go…diving into scripture again as I eat some supper.  Routine or not; computer failures or not, I will boldly proclaim the Word of God on Sunday morning.

Come Holy Spirit…inspire me 🙂

Praise be to God and Amen!

The pastor -|—