Waiting and patience

imageWhen I need to get away and pray, one of my favorite spots is the sanctuary at Salem Lutheran Church (one of the congregations I serve).  Last week I found myself there; staring at these stained glass windows.  The room was dark but the sun light was pouring through these colorful windows.  Even through I was squinting my eyes I couldn’t seem to look away as I poured out my heart to God.  It may sound like a cliche but it seemed like God was pouring himself out upon me through those windows.  It felt comforting during a time of chaos and impatience in my life.



My wife and I are in the adoption process and I am growing more and more impatient as I wait.  We are excited about growing our family…and we want to do it now.  We have filled out the adoption paper work and now are filling out grant applications.  We are doing what WE need to do.  The faith issue I keep having is that I expect God to follow though…NOW.

I need patience.

So I find myself in the sanctuary (a number of times); away from my phone and email, staring at those windows ~ praying.  I am asking God to:
~ Calm my heart
~ Strengthen my faith
~ Increase my trust that God has a child out there chosen for us

I know God’s timing is often not my timing (which is hard) but God knows what God is doing.  I keep thinking that God is molding and teaching Connie and me.  I just wish I knew what God was up to ~ but I guess that is where the praying comes in.

So the waiting continues…


the prayers for patience continue…

God…continue to pour your light and love upon Connie and me as we wait.  We look forward to meeting the child you have chosen for us.  Strengthen our faith that you may be glorified in all we do.  In Jesus name, Amen!

edh -|—

2 thoughts on “Waiting and patience

  1. Eric,

    That is beautiful. I am praying for you that God will soon choose a child for you. You are going to be wonderful parents and are so deserving of this opportunity. We love you and I know Meara cannot wait to meet her new cousin when he/she arrives in your life and heart.

    Your sis.

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