Back at it

Wow…where did the summer go?

I have heard that question a number of times this week already.  The start of school has a way of awakening people to the reality of the quick passage of time. It almost feels like school just got out and now the kids are back.

For me, school beginning means that activities at church will be gearing up shortly:
~ On Sept 12 I will be welcoming back my 3 – 5th graders to release time.  Me with 20+ kids…sounds scary but I survived that number last year so I feel ready for them this year.   Bring them on 🙂
~ On Sept 19 we will be welcoming back our Wednesday Night Live (“Sunday school”) kids.  I am not directly involved here but I really enjoy connecting with these kids and their families.
~ On Sept 26 I will be welcoming back my confirmation class along with a couple new students.  Walking with these kids in their faith journey is an incredible privilege.
~ On Oct 3 we will be beginning a Wednesday evening worship opportunity.  I am not quite sure how this will look yet, but I am looking forward to this time.
~ And…the other seasonal activities that take place.

It is always nice to have a “summer break” but I do look forward to the craziness of all the activities that will be starting shortly.  I am looking forward to longer and fuller days. I am looking forward to ministering to the kids.  I am looking forward to teaching again.  Basically…I am looking forward to all that this season will bring.  If I didn’t look forward to this then I would either need to re-examine my call here or my call as a pastor.

Many people in Minnesota enjoy the change of seasons; knowing that a different season will be coming shortly with all its own uniqueness and beauty.  Maybe this ebb and flow of the year is what keeps things fresh and exciting for people.  No matter what profession you are in you need things to be “mixed up” once in a while.  Change can be good and refreshing.

So with that…when May 2013 rolls around I will be ready for a break from THIS season, but when September 2013 arrives…I will be ready and looking forward to that new, different and unique season.  And so on and so on…

You get the point.

But before I jump to far ahead of myself I am going to enjoy the ride that this season will bring; trusting God will give me strength and wisdom.  I can hardly wait to see what God is up to and how God will use the various people involved in this ministry.  In the end, God will be glorified.

So bring on fall 2012…I am ready 🙂

edh -|—