It’s Ash Wednesday!

Lent is here!

Bring on the craziness 🙂

Today I kicked off Lent by enjoying the Holy Spirit work through me to finish off the sermon for tonight.  I went to bed last night with writers block.  Woke up this morning hoping and praying that the sermon would finish itself.  Went to my office and BEHOLD…

…enter the Holy Spirit.

Now the sermon is done.  Praise be to God.  I can hardly wait to preach it tonight.

For my next Lenten activity…
I made some ashes for tonight.  I always look forward to doing this.  I just wish I hadn’t inhaled so much ash smoke.  I am still coughing it up. [Mental note ~ wear a mask next year]

Anyway…I am one of those purists who take the Palm branches from Palm Sunday the previous year, burn them to ash and then mix in some olive oil.


Ashes for worship tonight 🙂

Now it is off to release time…then confirmation…then Lenten small group…then Lenten supper…then Ash Wednesday worship…then…at some point…bed.

Lent is here!


edh -|—