A proud pastor moment

I just have to share this with you because…well…just because.

Today is release time day (Wednesday).  Kids in grades 3 – 5 have the option of being released from school to go to the church of their choice for religious instruction.  I have the privilege of teaching 20 energetic, fun kids.


After a brief check in time I took them outside to play and run around for a few minutes before coming back in for the lesson.  After the kids came back in and settled down into their small groups I told them that I wanted to take some time to pray for a lady of the congregation who was at the doctor to find out about an impending surgery.  I told the kids that I told this lady I would be praying for her during her appointment.  So I asked the kids to pray with me.


Normally during prayer time the kids usually don’t sit still and stay quiet.  I mean, after all, they’re kids.  But as I was praying for this lady…not a peep or a movement.  This was serious and the kids took it that way.

I was so proud of them.

At the end of class I ask who wants to lead the group in prayer and I usually get a bunch of volunteers.  So one of my 5th graders prayed.  She prayed about what they learned in class…and…then she prayed for this lady.  Once again…I was so proud.

I take no credit for this rather I give praise and glory to God for working in the lives of these kids.  My prayer for them is that they take moments to pause during the routine of their lives to pray and that it is OK to pray for people as we feel so moved.  And I hope I continue to do the same thing.

Prayer needs to be the norm and not the exception.
Prayer needs to be commonplace and not weird.
Prayer need to be comfortable and not uncomfortable.

Pray without ceasing; enjoying communion with the God of the universe; knowing that we can lift ANY request to God at ANY time.  God is waiting to hear from you.

Let us pray…

edh -|—