My “gift”

Something weird happened to me when I was at my synod council meeting this past Saturday.

One of the synod ministers was talking about networking; trying to connect people’s gifts and talents with others.  It is a very good idea and am glad we have someone on the synod staff whose job is to do that.

But that’s not the weird thing.

As she was showing us the list of people she has in the data base I was scanning for people I knew and what was listed as their “talent”. For the most part I was not surprised with what I saw.

Then my name came up. (by the way…this is where the “weird thing” begins)

After my name I saw “writing”.  I have never considering “writing” a talent or gift.  Sure…I have been blogging for 5 1/2 years or so but that doesn’t mean I am a gifted writer.  But don’t get me wrong…I wasn’t upset with what I saw, I was just surprised. (This is not the “weird thing” yet…that was just the beginning of the “weird thing” story)

The weird thing that happened was that after I saw “writing”by my name I got inspired.  You see…I hadn’t written a blog post since Dec. 12.  With the Christmas season and an increased emphasis in communicating through Facebook and Twitter, I just kind of drifted away from blogging, but on Sunday I wrote.

And today I wrote…

…and now I feel inspired to write some more. (But don’t worry ramble on and on here)

It is funny/weird how the Holy Spirit works.  And it WAS the Holy Spirit at work that day; kicking me in the butt.  I guess there is more ministry to do done through my so-called “gift” of writing.  Weird…huh?

Praise be to God!

edh -|—

2 thoughts on “My “gift”

  1. Pastor Eric,
    Whether or not you embrace the thought, you do have a gift for writing. I was recently inspired to “write.” One of the people who inspired me was a 93 year old mother of a friend who wrote daily e-mail devotions for her family during the last 15 years of her life. I was also inspired by your writing, as I copied and saved a prayer that you wrote on your blog last August 31. I remember thinking at that time that you write well, and maybe I could do some (Christian) writing myself…and so, I have been doing a lot of inspirational writing since.
    I would recommend anyone who is interested in reading some good Christian short stories to go to Click on “2012 January Christian Choice Writing Contest Winners.” There are five winning stories for this month and a list of winning stories from previous months. If you only have time to read one short story read the recent grand prize, “The Christmas Candle” by Lia D Mason. (Xulon Press is a Christian self-publishing company).
    Your “talent” for writing will grow as you ask God for inspiration and as you practice your writing skills. I know, because He has been doing that for me.
    God Bless,

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