God’s vineyard

A Sunday morning prayer based on today’s Gospel text from Matthew 21:33-46 (The Parable of the Tenants):

Most gracious and loving God,

You have placed us in YOUR vineyard:
Not an actual vineyard (that would be silly).
Not a metaphor for our church building.
Not a description of our family.
Not a description of an actual place.

But rather…

You, O God, have placed us in YOUR vineyard by virtue of your saving grace through Jesus Christ our Lord.
We have been given knowledge of your love.
We have been offered forgiveness.
We have seen you active in our lives
We have heard your Word of truth.
We have been given life through Jesus.
We have been blessed with faith.

…and that is the fruit of YOUR vineyard.

But too often we claim that fruit as our own.
Too often we hoard it as a limited resource.
Too often we protect it as a fragile vase.
Too often we lock it up as a priceless treasure.

But the fruit of YOUR vineyard is not ours.  We have been blessed with it so we may know you AND so others may know you.  As you blessed Abraham to be a blessings to others, you have blessed us.   May we be faithful caretakers of YOUR vineyard; ready to share with ALL people.  May we keep the gates of YOUR vineyard open that ALL may know your love.  And when your Son, Jesus Christ, returns may we be found faithful.

O gracious God, we praise you for your love endures forever.  Amen.

edh -|—