From the “mouth” of a babe

I got to baptize Kelcie yesterday during worship.

But my story starts on Saturday when I met with Kelcie (3 months old), her family and sponsor.  We were sitting in my conference room and I was sharing with them what baptism is about.  I read Romans 6 to them and we discussed what God is doing.  I enjoy these meetings; I enjoy sharing with people what this great gift is all about.  It is a great time to share the truth of the gospel with people (some of which don’t normally come to worship).

During our time together, though, I noticed that Kelcie was staring at me as if she was listening intently to every word I was saying.  She never deviated her eyes.  It was almost wigging me out.   I half expected her to start nodding in agreement (which would have wigged me out even more). It was like she just couldn’t get enough of this Good News about…

being joined to the death and resurrection of Jesus;
this thing about the forgiveness of sins,
and becoming part of the Body of Christ and the church.

Her eyes seemed to be saying “keep going, I want to hear more“.  It was the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

During the baptism on Sunday she continued her gaze upon me; on what I was saying and doing as if to say “This is really happening.  This is so cool.  Hurry up.

I poured the watered on her head and she flinched (I guess the water was a little cool), but she didn’t cry.  After the blessing was pronounced, prayers were prayed and gifts given I had the privilege of carrying her up and down the aisle. And as I carried Kelcie, she laid in my arms very content.  Her eyes seemed to say “Thank you!”  But of course the proper response is “Praise be to God!”  Oh well, she’ll learn…after all she is only 3 months old 🙂

My prayer for Kelcie is that she grows to know more about this awesome God of ours; to learn more about those promises given to her on Sunday and to grow realize how to use her baptismal verbs:  Kelcie IS baptized not WAS.

Her baptism and yours is a present reality not just a past event.  Hold on to and praise God for those promises that were given and continue to remain with you.

And Praise GOD always and forever.

edh -|—

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  1. I try to communicate this to the congregation I serve through celebrating baptismal anniversaries on the third Sunday of each month.

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