Scotcheroos, coffee and sermon prep

Ah…sermon prep time at my favorite location in Jackson ~ Coffee Choices.

Each day at 10:20am I pack up my laptop and sermon prep materials and head downtown.  I walk into Coffee Choices and I feel like Norm walking into Cheers.

O the joy of small town life.

I setup camp and greet my scotcheroo that is waiting for me (See lower left part of photo. I have a standing order every Thursday).  I also order a cup of coffee (of course) and then place my lunch order to be ready at 11am.

Each Thursday ~ the same routine (unless I let Coffee Choices know ahead of time).

Some days it is busy and noisy.
Some days it is quite peaceful (like today).
Whatever the case I don’t care. The Holy Spirit can work in any condition.

If this routine is disrupted, though, I almost panic ~ thrown for a loop.  But the sermon still gets written.  I don’t know how.

(actually I do…refer to my previous Holy Spirit comment).

But what makes Thursday sermon prep so special (outside the Holy Spirit working through me to prepare a message from God to preach to God’s people)  is…well…

…the scotcheroo, the coffee and the Cheers like feeling.

O the joy of small town life.

And now…lunch time 🙂