Communion WITH God

An interesting question was posed to us at the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference last week.

The speaker was talking about a relationship WITH God and asked us: “How would your life be different if you were always aware of God’s presence?”.  He went on to talk about prayer as not just communication but communion WITH God…thus enabling us to “pray without ceasing”.

I was struck by that question. How would my life be different?

How would it affect my daily decisions?
How would I treat those who are difficult to love?
How would I deal with temptation?
How would it affect my T.V. viewing choices?
How would I speak about others?

Does this awareness affect your decisions because of fear of punishment?
Does this affect your decisions because you hope God will do something for you?


Does this awareness affect your choices because of your love for the one who died and rose that you may have life?

I guess it all depends on how you look at the Gospel.  Who is God for you?

For me? 

God is Holy.  God is love.  God is life.  And my hope and prayer is that I respond out of love and worship for God.

What is your communion with God like?


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