The water tank

For someone who is so used to preaching and teaching on a regular basis, it is so nice to just sit and listen to someone preach to me and teach me…and fill my water tank.  Sometimes I forget that if you keep pouring water out of a glass that eventually the water will run out. The temptation is to think that I have an endless supply of “water” to give…after all I am the pastor.

What faulty reasoning because…

I am a human being.
A finite creature.
And more importantly…I am not God.

It is during times like this week when I am reminded of this and that I am not a failure if I need to rest and get away.

We all need to be fed.
We all need nourishment.
We all need to be cared for.
We all need to be “refilled with water”.

Who ever you are make sure you are taking time each day to allow God to “fill your water tank” so you can be a blessing to others…all for the glory of God.

May God forever be praised.


2 thoughts on “The water tank

  1. Judy

    Thank you for everything you do. You and Connie are an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with you. You give so much, I am very glad that you have found a place to rest, replenish and recharge.

    1. heartofapastor

      Thank you for the nice comment. I look forward to sharing with Salem and Belmont more of what I am taking away from the conference.

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