Great things

Inspired by Matthew 14:13-21 (The Feeding of the 5000)

Gracious and loving God, you have called us to do great things but too often we fail to trust you.  We see the “great things” you want us to do and we get overwhelmed ~ as if we are expected to do these “great things” on our own.  So we offer excuses and reasons why we can’t do these “great things”:
I’m not smart enough
I’m not strong enough
I’m not big enough
I’m too old, too young, too short, too tall
I can’t speak so well
I’m afraid
I’m sick
I’m dying

We offer excuse after excuse, but God ~ you know them all.  You know all of our excuses, short-comings, limitations and weaknesses ~ for you are our creator.  You know all the so-called reasons why WE can’t accomplish “great things” but you call us to do these “great things” ~ not alone ~ but with YOU.
Give us the faith to see your strength and faithfulness. 

Give us eyes to see you working in and through us.
Give us hearts to respond to those in need.

Gracious and loving God ~ thank you for calling us to do “great things” ~ to the glory of your name.  In Jesus Christ we pray, AMEN!