Chariots and horses

Psalm 20:7
Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

I read this verse this morning and almost chuckled at the fact that some people actually trusted in chariots and horses (otherwise the psalmist would not have mentioned it).  Obviously he is referring to those who trust in the military might and strength; making them their god.   But upon further reflection, I began to wonder how the psalmist might write this verse if he were living in the United States today.


Some trust in __________ (how would you fill in the blank?)
Smartphones (I almost hesitate to write this since this describes me)
Etc, etc, etc…

Of course I could go on.  And now I am no longer chuckling.

In seminary I had a professor that said “Anything you fear more than God has become your god.”  And I think we can put trust in that quote and get the same meaning. “Anything/Anyone you trust more than God has become your god.”  When I write it that way I get a little nervous and a little shifty in my chair…because it is true.

How many gods do you have in your life?  I know I have a few (which I am not proud of).  Now all of a sudden I am less judgmental towards those who trusted in chariots and horses.

In scripture we read about people who trusted in the name of the Lord our God.  They were fulfilled and happy.  They felt safe and secure.  And why not?  When God, the creator of the universe, is your god then you have a God who is above all things…and all gods.  The things and people we trust in this life more than God can not do for us what God can.  The things and people in this life can not give us life beyond this one; they can not give us hope; they can not give us strength.  Holding onto my smartphone may give me comfort; for I have instant access to the world, but nothing can compare to holding onto God who IS the world.

Let us place our trust in the Lord our God and not in gods. Amen!