My big run

Well…I am doing it again…

…Grandma’s Marathon is coming up this Saturday (June 18) and I will be in the field of nearly 10,000 runners who will be vying to complete a 26.2 mile run from Two Harbors to Duluth, MN.  This will be marathon #3 for me.  After marathon #1 (Twin Cities 08) I thought I was done but I was beat by a 85 year old man so I had to try again.  After marathon #2 (Grandma’s ’10) I thought I was done but my brother-in-law wanted to run his first marathon so I said I would run with him.  Now I am saying that marathon #3 will be my last ~ well…we’ll see I guess 🙂

I’ve been asked why do I put myself through this; why do I subject my body to running a grueling race such as a marathon.  The only and best answer that I can give is: “Because I can“.  After giving that answer to someone one time they responded by saying, “Well…I can jump off a skyscraper but it doesn’t mean I will“.  To which I responded, “It doesn’t take determination, dedication, training and hard work to jump off a skyscraper.

I also think about the greatest running movie of all time; Chariots of Fire; a movie about Eric Liddell, a devote Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God and won the gold medal in the 400 meter run in the 1924 Olympics.  Eric Liddell’s answer to why he runs was “I believe that God made me for a purpose.  But he also made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure.”  That is a great quote and it gave me goose bumps when I heard it.

Now…I am not saying that I am fast.  I am not saying that I am anything special when it comes to running.  I am definitely no Eric Liddell.  But I believe I run because God made me in such a way that I can…flat feet and all.  I am simply using the ability that God gave me.  Granted…I am not going to change the world through running another marathon but since I am doing something I enjoy; something God gifted me with, I feel a connection to God.  Because it is only through the grace of God that I finish a marathon.

So if you are at all interested in following my progress you can sign up to receive email or text messages updating you on my progress by going to:

Once at the site you simply enter my name: Eric Hullstrom

All runners wear a timing chip on their shoe to keep track of them on the course and to record times at various locations along the way.  My goal is to run Grandma’s in under 4 hours (I ran it last year in 4:02:39).  The race starts at 7:30am on Saturday, June 18.

If nothing else please pray for me…I can use all the prayers I can get.

And in the end all praise and glory goes to God our Father through Jesus Christ.  Amen!


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  1. We will be cheering for you and getting updates on our email. Good luck and stay safe.

    Your sis.

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