Being challenged and stretched

These past few weeks have been a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 5 we started a small group study/sermon series on Old Testament stories.  The format is that a group would gather on Wednesdays at 5pm to read and discuss an Old Testament story and then I would preach on that story the following Sunday.  Up to this point we have talked about: The creation story, Noah and Abraham.  The Old Testament stories that are coming up in our study are: Joseph, Moses, The book of Judges, David, Daniel and The book of Job.  This small group is scheduled to end right before Ash Wednesday.  I wasn’t exactly sure how this study would be received but so far there is a group of 5 people getting together every week and we are having a great time exploring these stories.

I don’t come each week prepared to lecture on the story but rather I have a couple questions in mind.  The group then takes those questions and a fun discussion ensues.  I have learned a lot from hearing different perspectives.  I have learned a lot about the faith of the group participants.  I have heard questions that I have never thought of before.  And…maybe…gained a couple pounds (one of the participants is an excellent cook and baker and has been bringing treats for us).

There is nothing quite like gathering with a group of people to read, study and discuss scripture.  I have read these stories many times but hearing from others has challenged me in ways that I would not be able to do on my own.  I can hardly wait to see what is coming next.


4 thoughts on “Being challenged and stretched

  1. Maybe there is a new trend in the ELCA. Our church is using the Luther Sem’s Narrative Lectionary. Some pastors in the LaCrosse synod are doing a Through the Bible in 15 months series. Always good to take a fresh look at the scriptures.

    • I originally designed this to by a small group study but later decided to also use it as a sermon series as well. And I agree with you…a fresh look is always good. Too many stories get so little attention.

  2. At North Heights Lutheran Church where I have been worshipping they are using the book, “The Story. Finding YOUR Story in THE Story” as the theme of a year-long sermon series. It is like a walk-through of the stories in the Bible. There is a calendar list with the chapters to read each week, usually only one or two, printed on bookmarks and in publications. Each Sunday several pastors preach on the same text at several worship sites; each pastor’s sermon is unique, but focuses on the same topic/Bible story. Members can either purchase the book, “The Story,” which contains the scripture, and bring that to worship,or bring their own Bibles. The sermon series began last fall at the beginning of the Old Testament and will continue through the year. To listen to or view live services or an archived sermon go to

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