The Heart of a Pastor update and pondering

No doubt you have noticed my absence from blogging.  It seems that has been happening more often recently.  I go through “sabbatical” times where I am discerning whether or not to continue and then I come back strong…blogging a few times a week.  Now I have been gone for a while and I am still trying to figure out if this blog has run its course or not.  Maybe Lent has gotten the best of me (it has been strangely busy this year).  The last two weeks have been extremely overwhelming for me (and Holy Week isn’t even here yet).

So where does that leave us?

I do not know.

I have been spending a lot of time doing ministry via Facebook and Twitter.  And I have been putting a renewed focus on education here at Salem (things are really taking off there).  Part of me is thinking I need to put more focus on writing lesson plans for here and shift some focus away from blogging for a while.  Part of me is reluctant to pull the trigger on this blog.  So I am still left wondering what to do.  I know some people have gotten sick and tired of waiting for me and I understand that.  I just don’t know what is next.

This blog has been up and running for nearly 4 years now and that fact completely blows me away.  How have I had that much to write about?  In any case…I am still around.  I am doing well.  And I still don’t know where this blogging is going next.  Maybe the time down after Easter will give me some clarity on the direction of this blog…who knows (God knows).

I thank you for your understanding.

So in the mean time I hope and pray you have a blessed Lenten and Easter season…celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Praising God…always and forever!


7 thoughts on “The Heart of a Pastor update and pondering

  1. Just about all the blog writers I read have cut back, including me. But I’m in a slump in a lot of things, so I’m hoping that the spring air gives me a boost. And it seems that when I’m most emotionally engaged in some issue, I have the hardest time writing about it.

  2. “Keep on Dancin” to the song you are hearing with your Spirit; i.e. Soul, MAN. COOOOOOOL……..

  3. Pastor Eric,

    I also have a blog and have been rather silent recently. I have a few ideas for things to write, but in all honesty, I am in a season where God is working through me more in real life than across the Internet, and I simply have not had the time to fully explore and then write the things that He is revealing to me.

    However, if I may share a word of encouragement with you…I have your RSS feed on my Google homepage, so I am notified when you post something new here, and I am always eager to read what God has put on your heart. I, for one, would be diminished if you decided to stop writing, so I truly hope this is just a season for you 🙂 In any case, be blessed, because you have certainly been a blessing to others!

    • Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. I will say this…even though a part of me has been pondering shutting things down, another part of me has been saying “no”…and that part seems louder and louder all the time. Either way I will be taking a break until after Easter.

      Thanks again, Mike.

  4. Yeah—–your writing is awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and feelings that come from your center. We are all blessed when Eric listens to his heart. A song from my Sunday School days comes to mind This Little Light Of Mine— and the phrase is shouted out as we sang “HIDE IT UNDER A BUSHEL NO”. Thanks for letting your light shine brightly!!

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