Christmas snow storm 2009

Many of you reading this blog are not here in the upper Midwest part of the United States.  Even if you are not living here you no doubt have heard something about the major snow storm that is here.  Right now we are in a lull but conditions will be deteriorating fast throughout the day (Christmas Eve); creating near blizzard conditions through Saturday (Wow…I almost sound like a meteorologist…I guess it is too much Weather Channel the past few days).  When all is said and done, we should have (here in Jackson) around 15 to 20 inches of snow (maybe more).  Four inches fell last night.  Needless to say Christmas plans have been altered around here.  Many churches have already canceled/postponed Christmas worship services and many family plans have changed.  For me personally…I feel conflicted and a little annoyed.  I love snow storms but this one is bad timing; so therefore I want to enjoy this storm but it is hard too when I know there are people trying to get places and many who can not get to family destinations.

With all that being said I ask you to pray.  I mentioned yesterday that “It WILL happen”…meaning the birth of Jesus WILL be celebrated.  My prayer is that people can still worship and celebrate even though things have changed for them.  I am also praying that people are safe.  Right now the roads are open but no travel is advised.  Those venturing out; please be careful (I am kind of hoping roads close so people are forced to stay off them).

Part of me also wonders why God would allow such a major snow storm to strike…at Christmas.  I know other people may be wondering the same thing.  Even though I can not explain this I know that God will be glorified no matter what.  So pray that people (including me) do not lose focus.  This storm is annoying…it is canceling some worship services…it is throwing a wretch in the works…but God will be glorified.  I believe (even through my concerns and questions) that God will do something amazing through and despite this storm.  Mother Nature can not stop God.

And…I will be praying that all of you have a very blessed Christmas.  I pray you bask in the hope and joy of the Christ child with wonder and love.  Worship doesn’t have to happen in a certain room, in a certain building at a certain time.  Worship is how we live our lives.  Worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus…no matter where you are or who you are with.  Give praise, honor and glory to God, always and forever, Amen.

Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Christmas snow storm 2009

  1. My family will be traveling this afternoon. Usually it takes us about 90 minutes, but I suspect it will take longer. I keep thinking “I’ve driven through worse.”

    Have a great Christmas eve.

    1. heartofapastor

      I have driven through some bad stuff as well. I will be praying that your family arrives safely. Have a Merry Christmas, Peter.

  2. Jodi Johnson

    I think that it is a sign from God that we are all so busy…it’s time to slow down. I take it as a sign that being home and spending quality time with our family is much needed. Usually during the holidays, people are rushing here and there, and spending a few hours with our loved ones before going off again. I am looking forward to being snowed in with my husband and children and nothing to do but “hang out” with each other. =)

    1. heartofapastor

      Jodi – I think you might be on to something here. I am actually looking forward to not rushing around this weekend like Connie and I usually do. Next week we go home to Dawson where we can just relax and not worry about rushing out to get home or somewhere else.

      Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Mom

    This will be a Christmas to remember and I know God planned it this way. I am very peaceful. I know my family is safe and not trying to travel someplace. When we think about all the events of the past year,I think this Christmas is going to be the perfect time to slow down and think about the true meaning of Christmas, family, and our own lives. I am sure we will make it to church but if not we will read the Christmas story and know God is with us – we will celebrate his birth wherever we are. I look forward to family time next week and until then I pray that everyone has a safe Christmas.

    1. heartofapastor

      You are indeed right, Mom. Connie and I are looking forward to a much relaxed Christmas next week. Have a Merry Christmas. I love you!

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