New Bibles

Yesterday in worship we gave Bibles to our 3rd graders (one at Belmont and one at Salem).  In the past I have ordered children’s Bibles from somewhere (I can’t seem to remember now), but this year we gave away a NRSV Spark Bible (Augsburg Fortress).

During the worship service I had the student and their parents come up front and I spoke to the student about the promises their parents made when they were baptized.  I told the 3rd graders that one of the promises their parents made was that they would place in your hands the holy scriptures (among a number of other things that I mentioned as I walked through the baptismal liturgy).  I then handed the Bible to the parents and they in turn handed it to their child.  We then all prayed together over the 3rd grader and their new Bible.

The fun part for me (besides getting to hand a 3rd grader a new Bible) was watching them (periodically) during worship.  Both these 3rd graders spent the worship service paging through their new Bibles…checking it out.  They didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything that was going on (if they ever do) but at least they were paying attention to their new Bible.  My prayer is that their curiosity doesn’t end.

At what point does this curiosity end for many people?


2 thoughts on “New Bibles

  1. I’m so thrilled to read this! Thank you for sharing the way that the Spark NRSV Bibles (complete with stickers to encourage kids to really interact with scripture!) is helping the 3rd graders in your congregation grow in their faith. I love to hear stories like these of ways that the faith formation & worship resources that we create are helpful in congregations. Thanks for sharing it!

    Beth Lewis, President & CEO
    Augsburg Fortress

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