“Stewardship” Sunday

Stewardship is not about the church’s need to receive but rather about YOUR need to give.”

I heard the above quote at a stewardship seminar I attended a couple years ago (I may have even blogged about it but I can’t remember).  I bring this up because this coming Sunday, Nov. 8 is “Stewardship Sunday” at Salem.

“Stewardship”…Sunday…isn’t every Sunday about stewardship?

Isn’t every day about stewardship?

I mean seriously…shouldn’t we talk about stewardship as something we do everyday as a response to what God has done for us in Christ?
–Aren’t we stewards of the Gospel?
–Aren’t we stewards of our time, gifts and talents?
–Aren’t we stewards of “our” possessions?
And if we answered “yes” to all those questions (and we should) then “Stewardship Sunday” is something that needs to be done away with because “Stewardship Sunday” should happen every single day.

I also bring all this up in light of the Gospel text for this Sunday which is from Mark 12:38-44.  This is the story of the woman giving her two small copper coins (all she had) and Jesus commending her for giving out of her need (as opposed to the rich who gave out of their surplus).
–Is this text about us being better stewards?
–Is Jesus calling our attention to the fact that she felt driven to give despite her poverty; knowing God will care for
–Do we use this text to highlight the church’s need to receive, our need to give, all of the above or none of the above?

I wonder if I need to do something different this year and totally throw people off.  Maybe I need to just rename this Sunday to “Turkey Dinner Sunday” because after all that is what we are also doing on Sunday.

Do you have a “Stewardship” Sunday?


2 thoughts on ““Stewardship” Sunday

  1. We don’t have “Stewardship Sunday” but we have two “Pledge Sundays.” That is, we have intentionally highlighted these Sundays as days when we make and submit our pledges for annual giving, but that “stewardship” – of time, money, the Gospel, our vocation, etc. – is an everyday thing.

    I think part of what we have to do in our pledge/stewardship drives is to teach that sacrificial giving is possible. I don’t know exactly how to do it – and probably not from the pulpit – but I think it important that people who give significantly speak frankly about how they got to that level of giving. I didn’t start giving significantly until someone asked me to make a significant pledge to our seminary after teaching me about stewardship.

    My wife and I give 10% of our combined income, spread out over our congregation and seminary. We only just got to this 10% level in the last year. It was a 7 year journey to arrive at the tithe, but we are loving it. Could we use that $11,000+ a year on personal expenditures, debt, savings, retirement? Sure! But that’s not what we are called to do.

    In our society’s anxiety about money, we’re not comfortable talking about dollar amounts. I think that’s a shame. We who tithe surely shouldn’t brag or make our level of giving a point of excessive pride, but we shouldn’t neglect the opportunity we have to help others learn how to give. When the average Christian gives 1.x% of their income, we who tithe really can and should show others the way to sacrificial giving.

    • I have thought about doing a “Pledge Sunday” instead. I think Salem used to do that quite a while ago. I will have to do some checking.

      I agree that talk about sacrificial giving probably should happen in the pulpit (or in the pulpit alone). While on internship I heard a parishioner give a very power faith story about sacrificial giving and what it meant for their family. A talk like that CAN be done without bragging.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

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