Resource for preaching in difficult times

There has been much discussion about the ELCA vote last week at its Churchwide assembly.  And no doubt that many pastors wondered how to handle this at their respective congregations this past Sunday.  I know that I number of us dealt with the issues at hand and a number that choose not too.  Whatever you did in your congregation I trust that you are doing what you feel is best for your particular congregation.

Following is an article I came across by Dr. David Lose, the Marbury E. Anderson Biblical Preacher Chair at Luther Seminary (and the prof I had for my senior preaching class).  Dr. Lose posted this article on — a sermon prep website.  The article is titled Preaching Amid Controversy: Pastoral and Homiletical Counsel. I found this to be a very helpful article and a great reminder what we are called to do.  The article specifically mentions the ELCA Churchwide assembly, but it provides some wisdom for any difficult/trying situation in our congregation’s life.

I invite you to check this out and offer your comments.

As a pastor/preacher did you deal with the ELCA vote in your sermon this past Sunday?  Do you find Dr. Lose’s counsel helpful?


3 thoughts on “Resource for preaching in difficult times

  1. Good words by David Lose … of course, preaching Christ (rather than moral issues) should be our task every week. In the pulpit we proclaim Good News to a gathering of diverse people … in the classroom or in a small group we have the opportunity to unpack that Good News and what it means for our moral lives.

    This past week I spoke about how we gather at the offense of the cross – whether we were offended by the actions of the CWA or we were offended by those opposed to the CWA’s actions – we gather together at the scandalous cross. Well, I said it better in the sermon than I am now …. 😉

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