On Monday I wrote a post titled “Swinging on Monday, Aug. 17”.  I was making a reference to baseball; about getting back into the swing of things and hoping I don’t strike out, but spammers out there did not get that message.  Later in day my spam software caught 3 spam messages (waiting for approval) that were about swinging sex toys…unbelievable.  And now by just typing that phrase I am probably inviting more spam (at least the WordPress software catches these before they are posted).  I should not be surprised by these attempts.

On Twitter as well, key words in Tweets I post will trigger some questionable accounts to start following me in hopes I will return the favor and follow them (and maybe even buy their product).  Yeah…right.

I guess they can keep trying and I will keep blocking them.


One thought on “Spammers…”WOW…”

  1. I’ve never had spam comments on my blog, but my original blog name turned out to be the first line of a bawdy limerick, so I had to change it because of when it ended up on Google searches. There are some other innocent words that, when googled, bring up some really off-color websites. I found that out be accident one time when I was trying to find out about a house cleaning method. I won’t give you the exact word.

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