Swinging on Monday, Aug. 17

O.K…it is time to get back into the swing of things once again.

Today is Monday, Aug. 17 and the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) is convening in Minneapolis for its Church wide assembly.  And this year promises to be one of heated (and hopefully) civil debate over the issue of homosexuality.  Tops on the agenda is the social statement on Human Sexuality.  Closely behind that is the ministry recommendations that would allow ordaining gay/lesbian pastors who are in life-long, committed relationships and for the blessing of same sex unions.  No matter where one stands; no matter what happens, there will be some polarization in the ELCA.  I hate to say it, but its going to happen.  My prayer is that the mission of Christ still continues marching forward and that we don’t let issues derail us.  Satan would love nothing more than for the Church to lose its focus.

Today is Monday, Aug. 17 and I am deep into getting ready for confirmation.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I am revamping my confirmation program here.  It is not a complete overhaul, but rather some important (and intriguing) additions to the schedule and requirements.  One of the key things I am doing is putting a greater emphasis on parental involvement.  I will talk more later on what I am doing with this.  I have a couple more piece I am finalizing yet, but I am really looking forward to this year.  It’s going to be a fun one.

Today is Monday, Aug. 17 and I am starting to feel a little anxiety.  In less than a month, Salem Lutheran Church will be celebrating its 125th anniversary and I don’t feel ready to go yet.  The big weekend is Sept. 12 and 13 and it keeps creeping closer and closer every day (duh…i guess).  It’s just that there is so much to do here at church and in the parsonage…and I just want everything to go smoothly.  But on the other hand I am looking forward to the celebration.  We have former pastors coming back and other special guests returning for the weekend.  You can go to our church website for a complete schedule of events at http://www.salemjackson.org

Today is Monday, Aug. 17 and I feel like I am back into the swing of things…again.  But with everything that is coming up I am hoping and praying that I do not “strike out”.

God bless your day!


4 thoughts on “Swinging on Monday, Aug. 17

  1. My pastor is one of the voting delegates at the convention. I’m concerned about the debate and vote about the gay/lesbian pastor issue. I don’t see how anyone can say that they are in a life-long committed relationship. I mean, people intend to do that, but look what happens to heterosexual marriages. And if we would accept homosexual persons in relationships as pastors, what happens if they fall out of their relationship? I know, personally, a fine pastor, retired, who has been divorced three times. But he is still a pastor. At what point do we say enough is enough? How do we treat people with grace and respect but still have boundaries and rules?

    BTW, I know I still owe you a response from a few weeks ago.

    • I’m with you on the “life long committed relationship” part. What qualifies as “life long and committed”? The ministry recommendations leaves too much for gray areas and leaves too much open for interpretation thus leaving lots of room open to chaos. But your question is a good question “How do we treat people with grace and respect but still have boundaries and rules?”

      Thanks for you comments. I got a feeling we are going to be seeing a variety of comments here or out there in the blogosphere about this. It should be interesting.

      • Yeah, and I hope that when people make a comment on a “portion” of the issue, as I did above, that others (reviewers, media, conservative Christians, etc.) don’t assume that one is off-the-charts-liberal about the WHOLE issue. I’m actually riding the fence on this one. Maybe we’re not supposed to do that.

        HAPPY MONDAY. Get out and play!

        • I agree…I think people get judged too quickly and incorrectly when they make comments about homosexuality. If you at all indicate you’re against homosexuality then you’re labeled as homophobic or unwelcoming. If you indicate you support homosexuality then you’re labeled as unbiblical. We need to look at the whole issue and reserve judgment. I hope and pray we can have a healthy debate and discussion, but in the end continue to live and work together to advance the Gospel.

          “Get out and play”? Absolutely…I am planning on going for a run later this afternoon. Happy Monday!

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