“New” blogs and websites

O.K…they’re not really new sites but they are fairly new to me…in any case…

…I thought I would highlight a couple recent additions to my blogroll and my favorite website section on the right side panel of this blog.

First my blog roll:
(1) Angry Lutherans is an interesting site I came across through a new website I will mention in a bit.  It is worth your time to check out.

(2) Augsburg Fortress: One Mission Blog obviously is the blog for Augsburg Fortress.  This is a great way to read about new publications coming out or things going on in connection with Augsburg Fortress.

Favorite websites:
(1) Lutheran Central is a website I stumbled upon through someone else.  It is a site that has a bunch of Lutheran information, resources and links.  They are currently updating some links but what they do have is neat.  My blog is also featured on Lutheran Central (hence part of my motivation to return the favor here).

(2) Working Preacher is a great sermon prep resource.  Each week there is an in depth write up about each of the lectionary texts.  There are also various other preaching resources and even a discussion board to chat about the upcoming texts.  I have found this sight to be very helpful in my sermon prep during the week.  Even if you are not writing a sermon you can still find some helpful insights into scripture.

I hope you find these useful/interesting.

God bless.


P.S.  It is VBS week here so hence my relative lack of posting anything recently.  I am checking back to see if any comments need to be responded to though.  Hopefully I will have a “meatier” post coming up soon about the Sunday texts and maybe even some thoughts/highlights from VBS.  So I will catch ya later.

4 thoughts on ““New” blogs and websites

  1. I’ll check out the others, but love and use Working Preacher. Thanks for the others. Peace and have a good VBS week.

  2. Thanks for noting our One Mission Blog! http://www.augsburgfortress.org/blog You are right, it isn’t new…I first started blogging at the ELCA churchwide assembly in 2005.

    I would welcome comments & suggestions from you and other readers regarding:

    1. Stories re: how AF resources are working in congregations & higher education classes (colleges, universities & seminaries)

    2. Ideas for improving our resources, especially those related to congregational group use (faith formation for all ages, worship resources, etc.)

    3. Ideas for new congregational group use resources that you’d like to see AF publish.

    4. Suggestions for service quality improvements that would help your ministries.

    5. anything else you’d like to share with me or my Augsburg Fortress colleagues.


    Beth Lewis, President & CEO
    Augsburg Fortress

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