Missed opportunity? — a follow up

I came across this link through my Twitter account today (Thursday) about the  Michael Jackson memorial that I thought was interesting.

My question:  What is the point of a gold casket…something that will be buried for no one to see?

It goes to show you who was being glorified…doesn’t it?

Praise be to GOD!


4 thoughts on “Missed opportunity? — a follow up

  1. There were some comments spoken at the service (I only watched a portion) that made me think one could have substituted Jesus’ name in place of Michael. Things about making the world a better place, but a bit more specific in language.

    I didn’t watch the gold casket stuff, but I agree with your take on that, yet we could say that about any casket, given the very high cost of almost all of them. And I’d bet he wasn’t really in there anyway.

  2. Why should we expect Michael Jackson to die any differently than he lived? He, as many pop culture icons do, lived a grand life of luxury and opulence, perhaps with an extra dose of flamboyance. It wasn’t surprising to me at all …

    And be careful when you deride someone else for vanity in the name of God, for if I look honestly at my own accumulation of wealth (much less than MJ’s, for sure, but more than most people in the world enjoy) and my own selfishness, I see only differences of degree, not substance, between me and someone like Michael Jackson. I’m no better than he … it’s just a matter of circumstance that I didn’t have millions of dollars at my disposal to spend on my vanity as did he!

    If Michael Jackson were a preacher or self-proclaimed moralist crusader I would have a bigger problem with the gold casket, etc., but he is what he always has been – the King of Pop, a pop culture phenomenon, a great entertainer. He died and was remembered in a way that is fitting with how he lived.

    1. heartofapastor

      Once again, Chris, you have a way of putting things in such a way that I haven’t thought about before. That is why I so enjoy your comments and blog. This blog (and any blog) is incomplete without the contributions of the masses.

      And you are right…I should not judge lest ye be judged.

      Like the article in the link said, this needs to be a wake up call for the Church and it’s people. And it has got me thinking.

      Thanks for the comment.

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