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At the risk of sounding like an Augsburg Fortress commercial I wanted to highlight this story Bible that I came across.  This Bible is geared towards age 2 through grade 2 kids and contains 150 Bible stories. It has great color pictures, stories that are short and each have a question or an action statement; something to help the kids think more about the story.

After buying one copy to look at I bought another 10.  So far two people have come in to buy one and others said they are also interested.  I may need to buy more.  There is also a Spark Bible geared towards grade 3 through grade 6 students.  And all of this is part of the Spark Sunday school curriculum.

My plan is to read out of this story Bible on Sundays for the children’s message (trying to coordinate with the Gospel text)  and also to give one to parents who have their children baptized here.  I have been trying to encourage people to get into the Bible more so let’s start them young.

My point here is not to give Augsburg Fortress free advertising but rather to highlight a resource for getting kids into the Bible.  One of my fondest memories took place one Sunday morning.  One of my 3 year olds came into the narthex before worship and was carrying a couple books.  She ran up to me to show me and the first one she showed me was her new Bible.  She was pretty excited and proud of her Bible.  Now…what pastor is not going to get excited about that.

I hope more kids will develop a love for scripture early and keep scripture as a huge part of their lives as they grow up, but it all begins with the family.


4 thoughts on “Spark Story Bible

  1. Well, there’s nothing wrong with giving Augsburg Fortress a free advertisement. After all, in your ordination you promised to support the church and its ministries. Augsburg Fortress SHOULD get priority when we consider resources … (spoken by a former Augsburg Fortress sales rep, yes, but also by an admitted loyalist to Lutheran institutions).

    But yes, the Spark Story Bible is an excellent children’s Bible – the best that I’ve seen, frankly. It has replaced the American Bible Society’s “Read and Learn Bible” as my go-to Children’s Bible. I read from the Spark Story Bible nearly every night with my children.

    The Spark Story Bible is designed to have at least one lesson from every Sunday in the lectionary cycle. It might not always be the Gospel, but something from each Sunday’s lectionary cycle is in the Spark Story Bible. Thus, it can be used with lectionary-based children’s programming … Awesome!

    • It is good to know that there is a story for each Sunday of the year in the lectionary cycle. I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

  2. This sounds like a very nice Bible. Meara did receive a children’s Bible from Mom and Dad in January and she likes me to read a story almost every night. Would it still be a good idea to get another one or should we just continue with this one? We also read a devotional to her every night called, “God and Me”. It is a children’s devotional with different volumes according to age. Each story includes a couple of questions at the end, a prayer and an activity to do with your child. She enjoys this one too. It teaches kids about lots of different aspects of their life (responsibility, learning, honesty, friendship, etc.)
    Take care and we will see you this weekend.
    Your sis.

    • I think what you are doing is great, but I will have a Spark Story Bible available this weekend when you come in case you want to check it out. Actually, I will be reading a story from this Bible for my children’s message on Sunday so Meara will get a chance to experience it then.

      Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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