I am ready

It is Monday (or it WAS Monday…since I wrote this yesterday and am finishing this post today) and I am back in the office.   As you know from my last post my wife and I were out in Washington visiting my internship congregation.  It was such a relaxing time…visiting with friends, hiking, shopping, eating AWESOME seafood, gazing at the beautiful scenery and spending time with my wife.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

So now…as I sit here in my office…I am feeling refreshed (never mind feeling overwhelmed yesterday morning trying to catch up); ready to get back into the swing of things:
I am ready to get back to the craft of preaching.

I am ready to write some lesson plans.

I am ready to begin getting caught up with people here.

I am ready to begin planning the end of the program year.

I am ready to lead this congregation once again.

I am ready to breath the air of SW MN once again with a renewed sense of ministry.

I am ready…

I have talked with people who think vacations are not a priority; that they are a waste of time and money (especially in our struggling economy now days), but I do not regret spending the money I did these past two weeks.  I do not regret it because I feel blessed and since that is the case I need to take care of myself and my wife.  I need to be able to continue the ministry God has given me to do.   And I am ready once again to take on the challenges that are ahead and for that I give thanks and praise to God.

So with that I must move forward…because…I am now ready.

Praise be to God!


6 thoughts on “I am ready

  1. You are exactly right about taking time to take care of yourself and your family. The senior pastor at the church I attend recently made a point of telling me not to confuse service to God with service to the church. My first priority, he said, is to take time to seek after God, next to take care of my wife and daughter and *then* to serve the church. The gospels give several examples where even Jesus withdrew to the mountains to recharge and to spend time with those closest to him (Luke 6 and John 6, for example).

    Anyway, good to have you back — I always miss your posts when you are gone for awhile 🙂

    • As refreshing as vacation was it is good to be back. And you are exactly right…if Jesus needed a “vacation” then so do we.

  2. Good grief. Like they don’t take breaks? Even Jesus took time away and alone. OTOH, you live in farming country, don’t you? The farmers don’t have much understanding of this, especially dairy farmers.

    • I should have been more specific. The people here at Salem and Belmont are very supportive of me taking time off. But I do echo your statement…most people do take time off so why are they complaining?

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